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Eurocoast Veterinary Centre is a full service veterinary hospital with extensive facilities to perform all aspects of companion animal veterinary medicine to the highest standard.

On arrival at Eurocoast you will be greeted in our reception by one of our staff and asked to immediately proceed to a consultation room with your pet or if there is a short wait asked to take a seat and offered a cup of tea or coffee from or coffee machine (it makes a very nice cappuccino!).

We have separate dog and cat consultation rooms where we use special pheromone diffusors (Adaptil for dogs and Feliway for cats) in order to minimise stress for your pets during their visit. Both our consultation rooms are extremely spacious and very comfortable for both you and your pet.

The reception and consultation rooms are only a small part of our hospital though and it is “out the back” that the workhorse areas are. Here you will find our in house laboratory facilities allowing us to perform over 90% of necessary diagnostic tests on the spot, our treatment room where we perform simple procedures such as blood collection or bandage changes, our Dental treatment area where all our dental procedures are performed and our dedicated sterile operating theatre where all sterile surgery is performed and our radiology area with both dental and full body digital radiography, ultrasonography and specialised arthroscopy, endoscopy and laparoscopy facilities.

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Your Vets

Tara Cashman BVSc DipVetClinStud MANZCVS(Dentistry) and Kate Toyer BVSc MANZCVS(Surgery)
Kate and Tara have been practicing in the Batemans Bay area for almost 20 years. At Eurocoast Vets you will ONLY see Tara or Kate, we do not employ locum or associate veterinarians. Because Kate and Tara not only work in the business, they own the business, then you know that you will get the very best care EVERY TIME.

Tara graduated from James Ruse High School in 1990 and with the wool crash of 1989 her original thoughts of a career in the wool industry seemed somewhat unexciting so she completed a Veterinary Science Degree at Sydney University in 1995. After graduating Tara worked in various practices before returning to Sydney University in 1998 to complete a Graduate Diploma of Veterinary Clinical Studies. After a short stint working and travelling in europe (mostly travelling!) she and Kate bought a share in Batehaven Veterinary Clinic in 2000. In 2008 Tara was one of the first veterinarians to obtain Membership of the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists (ANZCVS) in Small animal Veterinary Dentistry and is one of only 3 members of the college with this qualification in NSW! Tara has a keen interest in continuing education and works 2 days a week for the Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) coordinating branch continuing education and meetings. In addition to this Tara is also the current President of the AVA Dental Special Interest group. local coordinator of the World Veterinary Dental congress program in the Gold Coast in 2017 and the longest serving committee member of the NSW division of the AVA.

Kate graduated from Sydney Technical High School and had no hesitation in pursuing her lifelong dream of becoming a veterinarian. She also completed her degree in 1995 at Sydney University and worked in various locations after graduating until she and Tara bought in to Batehaven Veterinary Clinic in 2000. Kate started developing a keen interest in surgery and in 2007 gained membership to the ANZCVS by examination in Small Animal Surgery as well as receiving the college prize that year for her contribution to veterinary continuing education, providing one of the first online courses for veterinarians in Australia on degenerative joint disease (arthritis) management. Kate is currently on the Surgery chapter committee of the ANZCVS helping to coordinate and deliver advanced surgical training to veterinarians in Australia and New Zealand.

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EVC PetCents

Here at Eurocoast Veterinary Centre we understand that giving your pets the care they need isn't cheap. Unexpected injury or illness, even regular health care can really impact on the family budget. That is why we have come up with PetCents.

PetCents is a very simple savings plan to help reduce the cost of veterinary care and make sure that you have money available for veterinary care for your pets. Basically all you need to do is the following:

Deposit money with us on your account. For every $1 you deposit we will give you a 15% bonus
Really, it is that simple. You can deposit any amount you like, as often as you like, and you will receive a 15% additional credit to your account for each dollar you deposit i.e. if you deposit $100 you account balance will be $115 or if you deposit $5 your account balance will increase by $5.75. There are 2 very simple rules:

Your account must be in CREDIT. i.e. you cannot owe us any money.
You cannot use the bonus for 14 days. Some people make regular deposits of $10 a week, some as little as $5 a week. Others make deposits of $100 or more on a sporadic basis. Some people do internet bank transfers, others come in and deposit cash. You can do it what ever way you wish. The available credit funds on your account can be used for any purchase you make through us from something as simple and inexpensive as a worm tablet all the way to multi thousand dollar surgery for orthopaedic injuries. There are no restrictions.
So please contact us for our bank account details and you can start saving 15% on your pets veterinary care.

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Eurocoast Veterinary Centre
3 Tallgums Way, Surf Beach

0488 671 118


Opening hours

Monday 9am - 5pm
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Saturday Closed
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After hours and Emergencies

Please contact us on 0488 671 118

We service the Eurobodalla Shire:

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